You are buying 1 used working Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Value Audio Card CT4670 Creative Sound Blaster Live audio card.

With its high quality performanceand low CPU utilization, Sound Blaster Live is the ideal choice for your personal computer.

 General Features: -Creative CT4670 -PCI Interface -Creative 512 Voice Plug & Play InputFeatures: -One line-level analog Line input via stereo jack on rear bracket -One mono Microphone analog input via stereo jack on rear bracket -CD IN line-level analog input via 4-pin Molex connector on card -AUX IN line-level analog input via 4-pin Molex connector on card -TAD line-level analog input via 4-pin Molex connector on card -CD SPDIF digital input via 2-pin Molex connector on card, accepting 44.1and 48 kHz -Zoomed Video I2S digital input via 4-pin Molex connector on card Output Features: Two line-level analogoutputs via stereo jacks on rear bracket, Front and Rear Line-Outs Stereo headphone (32-ohmload) support on Front Line-Out Hollywood-Quality Audio Re-creation With professional-quality synthesizers and digital I/O, Sound Blaster Live! Value provides audio fidelity that rivals movie theaters with digital sound. Excellent overall audio fidelity is achieved with an average Noise Floor of -120 dB, a level unheard of in the PC industry. Powerful Audio Processing Engine The EMU10K1™ audio processors the most powerful integrated music, audio and effects engine available. Every signal is processed at 32-bit, 192 dB, 48 kHz using 8-point interpolationto smoothen the sound, instantly improving any audio source. Apply real-time effects including Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Echo, and Pitch Shifter, that rival stand-alone expensive professional Multiple Speaker Output Produce surround-sound audio on your PC with built-in support for two or four analog speakers. 512-Voice Music Synthesis 512-voice capability goes beyond the quality and performance available in most professional music equipment. Using host memory, you can choose from E-mu's 2 MB, 4 MB, or8 MB Sound Font professional-quality sample banks for music reproduction. Or use up to 32 MB of memory for amazing Sound Font music fidelity. All these without sacrificing on CPU utilization. Sound Blaster PCI Standard You can be assured of near-perfect Sound Blaster compatibility on the PCI bus while enjoying all its benefits. It works with the existing MS-DOS-based and Windows-based titles, completely replacing your existing ISA sound card.

 **Requirements ** *Compatible with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT4, Me, 2000, and XP.

 14 day warranty


  • Item #: 102B2
  • Manufacturer: Sound Blaster
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: CT4670
  • Condition: Used

Sound Blaster Live CT4670 Card

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